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Me, though, I tend to be put off by sharp, shrill overnotes more than anything, and the dark richness of this is exactly the kind of thing I like. Opening the bottle was like opening an aged single-malt Scotch, an authoritative impact of fragrance that had been aged to a powerful, mellow perfection.

For this reason, people were paying little if any attention to their health or taking care of their bodies the way they do today. While fitness and exercise hadn't become popular by the '70s just yet, people did start moving more. "I remember going out dancing every night and sweating away, and we were working out for three or four hours until we dropped.""When age comes, it's shocking. Pros Easy hiring process (1 interview with CFO, 1 interview with Norma Kamali herself).Great Designer, seems business savvy but when you asked details, she is not at all. Build your legacy and a succession plan, with trusted employees. Seeing workers cry at the job site and talk down to one another is not the way to run a business.I have a habit of burning resin tears on charcoal, and that's what this smells like, to me.I suppose some might find it too big and bad, or, more likely, too ungentled, for them; this is a _remote_ kind of scent, without any sort of flirtatiousness or humour or warmth. I mourned the fact that I would never have it, and tried other incense perfumes, most of which were too bright, too ambery, or too loaded with Iso-E Super for my liking. Then Norma Kamali's people discovered a stash of the original 1982 vintage, somewhere. If my sample was great, the vintage is swoonworthy.

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