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Actress Lindsay Lohan has claimed she was asked to remove her headscarf at Heathrow Airport and was "racially profiled" by security staff.The Mean Girls star spoke of her shock surrounding the incident during an interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Tuesday.Lindsay Lohan's brother got married over the weekend, but the actress wasn't able to attend his big day.The Mean Girls star was busy working on a top secret project.When asked if the request “freaked her out a bit”, Lohan replied: “It did, I’m from New York, I was born and raised there so I was a little intimidated.” During the interview, which was praised by fans on Twitter, Lohan said she had been studying Islam but did not confirm if she was planning to convert to the religion.

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However, her parents Michael and Dina Lohan both watched their son say 'I do,' despite their contentious relationship with each other. Wilmer Valderrama: Lindsay and Wilmer dated for "like a year and a half" in 2004. Recently, Nico has appeared in many of her Instagrams, including this fake proposal. In 2006, Jamie was rumored to have had a "fling" with Lindsay. They go all the way back to at least 2011 (here they are at Six Flags Magic Mountain). Jamie Dornan: And before he was Christian Grey too! News, "We don't comment on our client's personal lives." Would we be surprised? Zac Efron: Lindsay and Zac both sprung forth from the loins of Disney, but surprisingly were never linked. They have certainly run into each other multiple times, like when she presented him with the Breakthrough Performance Award at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards (it was for premiere, he said she is "the best." Would we be surprised? The two supposedly dated in 2006 (this was circa 's story, Colin's rep said they "ignore gossip older than nine years old." Which…isn't really denying it? Seems odd that she would narc on herself, so we're perplexed by this one. The closest the two are linked is in the comments section of a TMZ article on Ryan's DUI, where someone asked, "Did he get the same judge as Lindsay Lohan? Specifically, she seemed to have her eyes on Max George (and at the time she was even accused of assaulting a woman in a club over him). Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalism The Blade’s 2004 investigation, “Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths,” earned a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. Click here to view the series online » Block Communications, Inc., (BCI) is a 112-year-old privately held diversified media holding company headquartered in Toledo, OH. Army unit, Tiger Force, that left a trail of atrocities during the Vietnam War, and concealed from the public for three decades.

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