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This Victorian tiled floor has lots of straight lines allowing plenty of pairs of control points.

Here is the same picture with the perspective corrected, the technique is accurate enough for high quality surveying of real-world buildings: Start by launching Hugin, use the tab, this is where you are going to input all the information the software needs to calculate the exact lens field-of-view, correct lens barrel-distortion and re-align the perspective.The large field of view that they offer allow us to not only see a huge amount of the night sky but also let us use relatively long exposures, up to 60 seconds without significant star trailing.Now if only that darn horizon wasn’t so curved and fishy.In the Arctic, a drastic decline in sea ice is unlocking trade routes and a new theater for the world’s navies.In Antarctica, a collapse of the western ice sheet could raise global sea levels and inundate the world’s coasts. Satellite observations drive the numerical models and forecasts, but to verify them, scientists need in situ measurements from the freezing seas themselves—at resolutions and coverages that match the ever-improving models and the extent of satellite coverage.

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