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So, IF he is gay, does anyone have some good strong evidence that Daniel Craig is gay that I can present her?

They can't bear a gay gossip board for..gossip, r15. It's a total mystery how or why they even end up here...

Considering the bullshit she'd just gone through with Aronofsky, I don't think she'd be inclined to settle for a marriage of convenience or a showmance. Aronofsky's bromances with the usual suspects (Hugh Jackman, Vincent Cassel) make his proclivities more than questionable...."[R21], if you don't want to participate in a gay gossip board then get the fuck out.""Participating in a gay gossip board" does not equal "agreeing with any simpering fantasy on a gay gossip board."We do not all have to agree that Daniel Craig is gay. Ta ta, please note you have burned a brown-edged hole in your teal and dusty rose caftan.

This model also requires a special extension tube set and bellows.

The current tubes and bellows do not fit the S mount.

Right about the same time this photo of Craig and Anderson Cooper at a Vanity Fair party showed up. I'm not saying that they're right, but I do enjoy the idea.

It's also funny, I never noticed the photo's tag line is "Anderson Cooper and Daniel Craig hooking up at the Vanity Fair Party."He didn't just get married to any woman, though. And all your wishing and gossiping will not make it so.[quote] Rachel Weisz would not beard or marry a gay man. She already had a relationship with one bi man (Aronofsky).

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