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I'm Mike, 21 year old student / surfer from Cape Town with the most awesome job on the side of my studies.

Away from home for work a lot, looking for someone to have fun using skype.

But we all knew it was coming — the minute you introduce a new way for teens to send each other nudes, the website collecting those nudes is only so far behind.

Snapchat was supposed to be the consequence-free i Phone sexting app everyone had always hoped for: you take your nudie pic, you specify a time limit (10 seconds or less), and you send it to your sext buddy, secure in the knowledge that it would be deleted from his or her phone when the time limit ran out.

They start to fall sexuality or any old thing he wants to share.

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Some people are hunting for an app that will help them find people to hook up with."When a user attempts to take a screenshot of another's Snap, the photo's sender is notified," Heaney wrote two weeks ago, "but the screenshot still exists on the other user's phone, where it can be shared with the rest of the world." (This is Champagne Facials"), should make it pretty clear how easy it is to screenshot those Snapchats.Especially when you consider that all of these photographs have pretty high numbers on the countdown timers: mostly it takes less than a second to grab a screenshot, so not even your one-second Snapchat flashes are id tahiedkhan Hello, So as my username suggests, I'm from the UK and am ready to settle down with Mr Right and get married.There are far too many frogs in pond to kiss and it's getting boring. I believe in traditional roles in Hi, Im young guy looking for skype/email relationship.

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