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Last week, we ranked the 50 greatest female sex symbols of film.This week, we're tackling the men, before they tackle us.Remember, there's an important distinction here. These aren't just sexy men; they're men who had a seismic impact on male sexuality.To be safe, it's probably best to avoid eye contact. John Travolta In his younger days, Travolta had a distinctly masculine grace and sensitivity that recalled the young Marlon Brando.He gets good grades in school and is a superb athlete but pals around with the local hoods, the Greasers consisting of him, his brothers (Soda and Darry), Steve, Johnny, Dally, and Two Bit Ponyboy is the youngest of the greaser gang.In the novel, Ponyboy has light-brown hair and greenish-gray eyes.After stripping down and getting into bed with the prostitute Lincoln asked her, “How much?”When she told him five dollars Lincoln responded that her priced seemed fair, but all he had with him was three dollars.

Comedian, Actress Griffin made her first appearance in Pulp Fiction (1994) as a pedestrian.

By today’s standards that could be considered a prima facia case, but frontier life presented a different set of challenges from today.

Doris Kearns in her book noted that it was common for lawyers and judges riding the circuit in Lincoln’s time to share a bed. Looked at from the standards of his day, Lincoln’s bunking with Joshua Speed when he first arrived in Springfield wasn’t all that unusual.

She offered to trust him for the other two dollars, but Lincoln told her he didn’t want to feel indebted so he got dressed and left.

“When my parents were getting their portraits taken, the photographer had an idea.

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