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We'll make up our minds about someone even before we properly get to know them; forget giving them a chance. It takes time to get to know someone -especially if they are super quiet -so let them be and let things happen for you.

But remember, being quick to judge ensures that no one will ever measure up. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience before you decide how you feel.

All those lucky in love would tell you that dating is the most fun part about being in a relationship for keeps.

They tend to think of it as a escapade -one that can be fun, but with a healthy potency for disaster.

Though they didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, Lisa and the POI really hit it off and agreed they wanted to see each other again. During one of those exchanges, Lisa mentioned she’d found cheap airfare and could easily arrange a trip to the POI’s town.

The POI said he’d like that but didn’t ask about dates or show other signs of enthusiasm. The texts began to decrease in both frequency and verbiage –he’d been busy, he wrote. Then, a week or so after they’d last seen each other, he called her. He offered a vague excuse and, instead of proposing another date for her trip, said he’d figure out a time to come and see her.

That might not have been weird if his other messages had been like that, but they hadn’t. She saw it when she woke up Monday morning and, before her caffeine had a chance to kick in, wrote, “No, just didn’t think those texts were meant for me.” She probably expected an explanation of some sort in response.But according to relationship counsellors, most don't take the first step because of the fear of the unknown, or rejection.These loners have a tendency to believe in the age-old myths that keep them single and always looking.As co-hosts of a podcast about dating and relationships, Philippa and I sometimes receive messages from listeners seeking advice.To show that we take these questions seriously (a statement we can’t always make about the answer), I’ll address in this forum one we received recently. Our listener, “Lisa,” was visiting friends out of town when she met a Person Of Interest (“POI.”).

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