Plsql program for updating accommodating dyslexia in the workplace

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The execlp call overlays the existing program with the new one , runs that and exits.The original program gets back control only when an error occurs.execlp(path,file_name,arguments..); //last argument must be NULL A variant of execlp called execvp is used when the number of arguments is not known in advance. The term IPC (Inter-Process Communication) describes various ways by which different process running on some operating system communicate between each other.• Building DACS, ADSL, ISDN, PBX channels on the CSS.  Year of completion:2007  Percentage of marks:90.9% S. C  S.h.k.v.p.b.r School, kaligardens,nambur, Guntur(dt).  Year of completion:2005  Percentage of marks:70.5% Projects Worked On • Title – BINRANK-dynamic authority based scheduling using materialized sub graphs.(final semister project) Description : The main aim of this project is to reduce the search time,it is one of the search engine as like google.• Helping frames engineers with the internal routing details and equipment details. Binrank system that employs a hybrid approach where query time can be traded off for preprocessing time and storage.

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